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160318 The EXO'luxion [dot] in Seoul Day 1

160318 The EXO'luxion [dot] in Seoul Day 1 Onesie buds Xiumin and Kai P.S- When I thought sehun was the most awdoable in an onesie until I saw this.

Noooo jongin you need to save your boyfriend! <---Had to repin this #X3

Poor Kyungie is slowly dieing an and kai is watching in amusement lol go save you babe!


The Celebrity, January 2015 Issue : Suho, Baekhyun, and Xiumin

EXO to surprise fans with two additional songs for “Call Me Baby” comeback stages

Fuse names EXO’s “Call Me Baby” as one of March’s top released tracks

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