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Being religious doesn't mean that we can't enjoy this world. In fact, Allah ordered us to enjoy His blessings but without disobeying him. #Alhamdulillah #islam

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Enjoy the blessings God has given you. Allah swt loves the ones who are happy. Obey Allah, he wants us to be happy! Just keep Smiling, it's sunnah :) ❤️

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Surah Al-Haqqah Ayat 18 ~ Subhanallah. may this be a reminder to us all to lead a righteous life in the days ahead. but Allah Azza Wajalla is ever merciful and forgiving to those who sincerely repent.

'Be somebody in the eyes of Allah even if you are nobody in the eyes of people'

Today we are very excited to post Inspirational Islamic Quotes with beautiful images. Majority of Muslims feels excited to share and read beautiful Islamic

Knowledge in Islam is knowing why we follow certain things, thinking, and being practical- not blindly following things we have no knowledge of.

so true! i love it when i get lost in the world of books! - "Books build a stairway to your imagination.