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Lifelike One Piece Portraits

"Do you like One Piece? I haven’t watched it in a long time, but I’ve always admired the characters. For example, Luffy is troubled, but goofy (unintended rhyme ftw). xD I should probably catch up on the episodes… ONE PIECE, by Youngjoon Song.


Zoro, the second member of Straw hat pirate, I add a little more detail on his swords to make it more interesting. And I hope this piece is epic enough for one piece fans, like me~Hope you guys like it.

Twenty years after the iconic photo was taken, The Hubble returns for a high-def shot.WOAH.

The Pillars of Creation, from a Hubble Image January This is in the Eagle Nebula, light years from Earth. These are clouds of interstellar gas and dust that continue to create new stars.