Hijabis in Dresses and Skirts

love the kimono print! such a shame their out of stock :(

Blue dress w long patterned cardigan. Love the hidden effect (hijab covers side of face and the LONG cardigan draped over on top-I so this all the time)

Hijab Tutorial

Two toned hijab idea - pull sides in opposite directions and pin


Again the American, Palestinian fashionista Leena Asaad impress us with her classy chic looks. Leena Asaad presents


Australian brand Hijab House, Dubai based Abaya Addict, and London brand Inayah all walked the Fashion Fighting Famine runway last month.

The monochrome look as Gigi Hadid and Kendall Jenner Vogue Spain waysify

El look monocolor según Gigi Hadid y Kendall Jenner