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but i have known him all my life. just can't believe we kept apart for so long. time to enjoy the second half of our lives. the doors, to the past, have been sealed.

Sometimes you meet a person and you just click. friendship quote happy relationship true friend content yourself comfortable click

For The First Time... & I married him!

For the first time, I’ve found someone I hate leaving. I’ve found someone that I can’t get enough of. I’ve found someone that accepts me for who I am and doesn’t tell me I need to change. I think I’ve found someone who I can fall madly in love with.

Countdown August 2016

When you with the right person you no longer think about past relationships. You only look forward to the present and the future. ~Me Andy Fisher I look forward to the present and future with you my handsome Brit!

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You mean the world to me. I hope your day gets a little better (if that's possible). I'm sorry, I know what you're feeling. I love you with all my heart babe.