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Kayla Amalia Armaeni kayla

Kayla Amalia Armaeni kayla
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SNSD Girls’ Generation Comeback Single ‘Party’ Concept Pictures + Official Music Video Teaser for ‘Party’, ‘Lion Heart’ & ‘You Think’

Yes yes yes yes, Lion Heart! Girls' Generation killing it!! <3 Sonyeoshidae hwaiting!

Girl group Girls' Generation will be releasing the teaser video for their new song "You Think" music video on Sunday.

"Tiffany is breathtaking and her face should be stamped in a new 100.000 won bill."

Haeun Kim (portrayed by Tiffany Hwang) is Hayun's stepmother, and is a Caste Caste 5 baroness (by marriage). She is and is naive and vapid, with a hidden vicious streak.

SNSD 2008 'Baby Baby' and 2013 'I Got A Boy' / Amusing behind the scenes photos of Girls’ Generation revealed