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Kosasih Alatief
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Making all of those slowwwwww loops up and applying juuuust the right amount of pressure on the downstroke feels really satisfying. For me, it's been a nice way to unplug and sort of clear my brain at night.

GitHub, San Francisco, 2013 - Studio Hatch #office

GitHub - San Francisco Headquarters / Floor Pattern / Mixed Media / Natural Light / Indoor Plants / Lounge Seating / Exposed Ductwork / Raw Wood / Bringing in the outdoors to the interior(Mix Wood Office)

Moss Walls are maintenance free, meaning they're always looking fresh without the hassle of upkeep. You have the freedom to create any design with Nordik Moss Walls.

Nordik Moss Wall Art can be used to create superb interior design features as seen in this Break-out Area for a Glasgow Healthcare Company