Yasmin Kamilah Irsanti

Yasmin Kamilah Irsanti

Indonesia / Me?yeah just like that
Yasmin Kamilah Irsanti
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Hanging Photo Album - 12 Ways to Use Your Christmas Lights in the Summer - Southernliving. Clip all your summer pictures up on strings of Christmas lights for an ethereal glow in your room. Swap the pictures out next season, and keep making memories.

Just remember: I've got mouths to feed. Two goldfish. I'm their only source of income and they're awfully cute. -DiNozzo

This is a funny line. Devout fans will recall. He had a goldfish. One goldfish. Named Kate. The new goldfish must be named Ziva. And that, my dear NCIS fans, is what you call a fandom.

Then she confronted Tony for shooting her boyfriend, and...

12 Moments Of Romantic Ambiguity With Tony And Ziva *crying* I am far too emotionally invested in this show.