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there are many different activities to do with the kids
Occupational Therapy Interventions
Occupational Therapy fine motor skill development and treatment ideas. This is a resource for parents, teachers, and occupational therapists who are treating students and children with fine motor development difficulties in handwriting, scissor use, self-care tasks, and functional skills.
a plastic container with scissors and other items in it sitting on the floor next to a bulletin board
We made it!
Structured alphabet sensory table task ... magnetic letters hidden in coloured rice with scoops & shovels. Matching letters are stuck onto baking trays (attached to the wall with velcro). Hunt for the letters & stick them onto the corresponding letters.
two bowls filled with letters next to each other on top of a blue tablecloth
Easter Theme Activities in Preschool
Letter Matching
a young boy playing with letters and numbers made out of doughnuts on a table
spelling with milk caps
Alphabet Matching/Spelling
two pictures with letters that are made out of wooden blocks and the words puppy spelled on them
See and Spell
Letter matching!
a child playing with letters and numbers on the floor
Growing Kinders
Leave magnet letters on black paper in the sun. The sun bleaches the paper and you have an instant letter matching center.