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Dycedard, O Mercador. Responsável pela Transcedencia, trabalhava para os Esquecidos. Foi um dos Flagelos.

Kaneki Ken: The world's greatest math teacher <<<and science. Remember (in the manga) he named the 103 of Ayato's bones that he broke<<< he's a king bitches, a king can do anything especially when you are a mini version of your father

Kaneki Ken

30 day anime moment that shocked you the most- Tokyo ghoul - kaneki becomes a ghoul scary anime eyes

Kaneki Ken | Toukyou Kushu. My god that ending. Can't wait for tomorrow when Touka, Yomo and Sasaki finally meet. I kinda hope that Ayato and Touka / the two rabbits go and confront Sasaki and try and find out what exactly is going on.

Slowly disappearing into a world of darkness, never to escape on my own.