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an empty lobby with couches and potted trees in the center, surrounded by lights
Coverlam in Hillside Office Building from Grespania
an overhead view of a living room with furniture and a green tree in the center
an indoor area with plants and benches
AIM Architecture turns shopping mall atrium into plant-filled plaza
an empty shopping mall with benches and plants in the center, surrounded by hanging lights
Grorud Kjøpesenter - shopping mall
an entrance to a building with flowers painted on it
Dramatic canopy with internal LED imagery at building entrance.
a woman's dress is displayed in a glass case
ZARA windows in EmQuartier in Bangkok, Thailand
ZARA windows in EmQuartier in Bangkok, Thailand
three mannequins dressed in pink and white are standing next to some plants
StudioPepe's Bright Future
Vintage, Outfits, Chanel, Dior, Haute Couture, Dior Boutique, Dior Clothing, Dior Clothes, Dior Outfits
The Sparklingly Festive Decor of the Dior Paris Royale Boutique
Wedding, Ulzzang, Mariage, Boda, Mode Wanita, Fashion Design, Pretty Dresses
The “Christian Dior: Designer of Dreams” Exhibition in Chengdu
an assortment of clothing on display in glass cases
an arched mirror in the corner of a room with pink curtains and drapes on either side
Ambrosia - Picture gallery 15
Ambrosia - Picture gallery 20
a pink store front with two mannequins in the window
a clothing store with many mannequins on display