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an indoor garden with white flowers, plants and a large bird statue in the center
artificial flower
artificial flower
two pictures show the different stages of flower display in an indoor space with flowers and plants growing on them
a room filled with lots of green plants hanging from the ceiling
Antoni Arola considers Palma hanging lamp as if it were a landscape project that will be transformed over time, once the designer has fi nished the first part of the job. The capacity for Palma to create ambience within an interior setting increases with its growth like a luminous hanging garden.
a large green wall in the middle of a room with lots of plants on it
Futuristic Beauty Showrooms : showroom, individualization, future, digital
Futuristic Beauty Showrooms : showroom, individualization, future, digital
digital screens, digital signage, lobby experience Entrance, Rom, Koala, Deco, Arquitetura
Digital Screens in Lobby
the walkway is lined with plants and trees at night, as well as lights on either side
Ministry of Design Merges Banking and Biophilia at a Citibank Wealth-Management Center in Singapore
a display in a store filled with lots of different types of wood flooring samples
the entrance to discovery centre is decorated with wood panels
IndigiScapes Design and Build
#xzibitptyltd exhibits designed and built for IndigiScapes #interpretivecontent #imaginationcaptured
Modern Front Desk Design | Hospitality Design| Reception Desk | #dzzynit Lobby Inspiration
the interior of a restaurant with wooden floors and plants growing on the wall above it
You Can Live Above This Gorgeous Treehouse Inspired Café in New Jersey
an indoor dining area with tables and chairs under a wooden roof over looking a pool
Kombuis Restaurant by Steyn Studio | HomeAdore
Kombuis Restaurant by Steyn Studio | HomeAdore