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there are many potted plants that have been decorated with graffitti on them
Unique Planter / Concrete Planter … curated on LTK
a hand holding a black vase with a scorpion on it
Soulstice Ceramics
there are many different ceramic figurines on display in this photo, each with a candle
a cup with a snake painted on it
a coffee cup with a snake on it's side and a rose in the middle
there are many different pieces of pottery on the table
Clay graffiti
a fake animal skull sitting on top of a wooden table next to paint bottles and glue
a ceramic rabbit sitting on top of a table
a ceramic animal sitting next to a small bowl
a clay sculpture of a sheep's head on a table next to other items
clay lamb ˏˋ ★ˎˊ
lamb i made in ceramics for a project
a person holding a bird in their hand next to some drawings and pencils on the table
there are many shelves that have various items on them and the words spaces above it