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a woman talking on a cell phone while wearing a brown shirt and pearls necklaces
a piece of bread with strawberries and nuts on top
two orange pies sitting on top of each other in front of a person's feet
there is a plastic container filled with strawberries
a woman wearing a polka dot shirt and tie posing for the camera with her hand on her head
Valentine's Day, Red Nails, Classic Nails, Red, Thumb, Valentines
two tall buildings are lit up at night
a young child with white shaving on his face
two children standing next to each other in front of a blue and red wall with an american flag painted on it
a woman's hand with pink nail polish sitting on her lap and looking at the camera
a girl with long hair and piercings on her head is posing for the camera
three plastic containers filled with food on top of a table
the car is driving down the highway at sunset or sunrise time with clouds in the sky
a young boy sitting on the ground with his baseball glove and hat in his hand