Kartika Permata

Kartika Permata

a petite girl who loves food and shoes more than she loves people
Kartika Permata
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I just found this guy in a series and then knowing that he can sing just make my heart melted. Cute!

we're getting married he just doesnt know it yet.also hes gay Awkward

Never forget.

Missing someone is your heart's way of reminding you that you love them. Instead of being sad choose to think about the good memories and all the joy you shared. This does make me think of my wonderful Mom. I miss you soooooooo much.

I wish someday.... Someday!

I hope someday you see something that reminds you of me and the things we used to spend hours talking about at night and then your throat gets tight and your heart skips a beat and you finally miss me back

Oh you, how long it has been since I knew you...

It's been almost a year & I still have gashes in my heart from you.damn do I miss you. But I love the feeling you give me.It's like no other feeling in the world.