Kathleen Budiharjo

Kathleen Budiharjo

Kathleen Budiharjo
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Cinnamon Toasty - Character Sheet Reference by FloatingMegane-san on DeviantArt

its Marzia's Logo "Cutiepie" so yeah, people are been wondering what she looks like fer quite a while now, so i decided to make a little doodle of her.


<< slight addition: his father coming and talking with him and teaching him to control that dark side of him because Posiedonstuggles with those powers as well and remembers how it was when he learned about those powers.

I am an actual huffelpuff to be exact !

I disagree with the last one, proudly Slytherin!<<<<< I'm a griffindor <<<<< I’m a Ravenclaw but overall I think a lot of the pjo fandom is Huffelpuff