Chalkboard mail station and key holder all in one. We need to do this!

Mail Organizer - Chalkboard Mail Organizer - Large Chalkboard - Mail Holder - Letter Holder - Jar Vase - Organizer - Coat Rack - Wood ( could attach key hooks)

I have these all smooshed in a container now. One day, when I have more space? I'm totally doing this.

I am doing mason jars for all the storage I can in this house – easy way to store cupcake liners! Home Improvement & Organization Ideas.This is a great idea!

20 Quick Tips For Better Time Management

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IKEA shoe drawers

STÄLL Shoe cabinet with 3 compartments, black-brown

IKEA shoe drawers to put inside your closet. This holds 27 pairs of shoes. Keep the drawers open if you want the shoes to air out.

I need to do this. I'm always finding things I need to return to people, donate and so on. It would be great to always have a place to put it until I have a chance to get rid of it....the dining room table just isn't cutting it anymore

DIY Storage for "Transient" Items. keeps your good intentions from cluttering your house! Awesome idea to keep in the garage but use bigger boxes. Other labels: Garage Sale, Consign

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15 Things Organized People Have in Their Homes

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great storage idea for cleaners and maximizing space. I have a bigger one in my hallway closet for all the electronic cords that I dont use every day! (ie: camera cords, thumbdrives, extra tv cords, etc) Great way to organize them and keep them untangled!

Simple Storage: Use Pockets for On-Hand Cleaners

Tame the bathroom counter mess: cut one large shoe organizer in half and use on each side of the cabinet door. I use a shoe organizer for the Bathroom, but NEVER thought to cut it in half!

If your scarves are taking over the closet...get organized this New Year with a shelf to hold them all!

Set the mood for your entire day with a dressing station fit for a queen! Forget big and bulky organization options - try this tidy trick to arrange scarves, jewelry and other accessories!

Hmmmm...Maybe this is a new way to display my wife's vintage camera collection.  I really like the red thick shelves.

Can't wait to get our office remodeled so I can display my vintage camera collection. I really like the red thick shelves.

Clever and fun way to organize while spicing up boring boxes

bathroom storage ideas - Re-organize your towels and toiletries during your next round of spring cleaning. Check out some of the best small bathroom storage ideas for

Bejeweled mannequin:

20 Creative Ways to Organize Your Jewelry