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“Samuel releases teaser photos for his mini album "SIXTEEN" 🙌🏼 💗 😍

Whoever took this photo thank you so much

Whoever took this photo thank you so much

Terpilih Jadi Member Wanna One, Park Ji Hoon Produce 101 Season 2 Bikin Video Ini untuk Fans

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Wanna One's Energetic - What You Didn't Notice/Fangirl Version

Wanna One 라이관린 (Lai KuanLin)

Wanna One made their debut this month, and they've shared a batch of photos from their experience filming their "Energetic" and "Burn It Up" music videos!

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Alcoholic beverage brand 'Hite' released more cuts of their new, refreshing model Wanna One!Recently, 'Hite' announced that the hyung line of the…