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Amelia Island is one of just a handful of destinations in the USA that offers horseback riding on the beach.


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an instagram page with pictures of food and drinks
the pink room is decorated with pictures and texting on it's phone screen
an iphone screen showing the location of several hotels and other places to go on vacation
an iphone screen showing the location of a garden and directions to other places on it
an image of the bandbox orlando app for iphone and ipad, with text that reads speakeasy
an advertisement for the post kitchen and bar happy hour is 5 - 6 daily
the app is showing several different things to see on the phone, including flowers and trees
an ad for the spa with instructions on how to use it and what to use it
an instagram page with photos of sandwiches and other food items on the left side
the instagram page for buttermilk
a person holding a plate of food in their hand with the caption instagram
an iphone screen showing the menus for different foods
an aerial view of a parking lot with cars parked in it and the words, have you been to fort myers?
an image of the ice cream spot for myer's, florida on tv