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a toy car made out of legos sitting on a blue surface with wheels and tires
Lego Balloon Cars A Fantastic Way to Teach STEM
the instructions for how to make homemade air dry clay recipe
Air Dry Clay- An Easy DIY Clay Recipe - The Kitchen Table Classroom
Use this easy DIY recipe to make your own air dry clay for kid's crafts and art lessons. Household ingredients combine to make a pure white silky smooth clay that requires no heating or baking.
two paper spinner crafts with text overlay that says diy paper spinner craft
DIY Paper Spinner for Endless Fun - Make and Takes
the instructions to make a bright paper bookmark
How to Make a Bright Paper Bookmark?
cardboard circle weaving is an easy and fun project for kids to do with the paper plate
the family card game rules and game play is displayed in front of a white background
Fun Easy Family Card game for all ages
Self made loom #craft
a drawing of a person's face on lined paper
Drawing Between the Lines by João A. Carvalho
the book is laying next to some colorful crocheted beads and other items on a table
Straw Weaving (Weaving on Drinking Straws)