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STOP THE PRESSES! This actually works and is amazing. You can even search articles and case law separately! For all of those last minute school work, it saves a lot of searching!

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hellolearnenglishwithantriparto: “ hellolearnenglishwithantriparto: “ Commonly misused words in English /learn English / english grammar / english vocabulary

Please memorize this.

I may be a grammar nazi, but I still need help with these from time to time. :P the whole lay/lie thing is one of the most complicated inventions in the English language.

ZEN PENCILS – Cartoon quotes from inspirational folks: 172. ISAAC ASIMOV: A lifetime of learning

Isaac Asimov was a writer, known for his contribution to science fiction (including The Three Laws of Robotics, I, Robot and the Foundation series) and his staggering work in other genr…