Malioboro Tempo Doeloe, Yogyakarta, Indonesia @ve windiastri @Akhirta Atikana


Helicak, Jakarta tempo doeloe

Helicak, build from lambreta scooter, what he funny transportation but one of the favorite , Jakarta tempo doeloe

Batavia - Pasar Senen, Batavia

Senen area in Jakarta is still there, a very busy street and yes you can still see some Chinese houses with the typical red roof top although it's not as beautiful as they were long time ago

Buitenzorg, Bogor 1888 (taken from Indonesia Tempo Doeloe)

Buitenzorg, Bogor 1888 (taken from Indonesia Tempo Doeloe). Bogor is only an hour driving from Jakarta, now it's one of the big city in West Java.

Tempo Doeloe #89 - Batavia, Pabrik Rokok Ant. Justman, 1909

scan of an old postcard This card shows the first cigarette factory in Indonesia. Anton Justman started his company before the year 1900 in this mansion-like building in Weltevreden, currently Jakarta. View Large On Black ?

BKT, Bandung Tempo Doeloe

BKT, Bandung Tempo Doeloe

Gedung Tua Ps Genteng Surabaya

Old Dutch buildings are still used in Surabaya Tefl Indonesia, Surabaya,Java,Asia