Nasi Liwet Bakar Isi Teri & Pete

Indonesian Food - Nasi Liwet Bakar Isi Teri - Grilled Rice stuffed with Spicy Anchovies - South East Asia

Nasi Bakar Teri – Grilled Salted Fish Rice

Nasi Bakar Teri – Grilled Salted Fish Rice

turmeric rice, nasi tumpeng

Love this beautiful traditional Indonesian dish ~ Nasi kuning Tumpeng served only on special occasions Vonny's bday!

|| Nasi Uduk Bayam || This is something of a twist from my basic nasi uduk recipe, by adding some spinach and turn it into something exquisitely different, yet still delicious, and of course healthier version of nasi uduk. A big win all around. A fair warning though, the rice will have spinach taste, so …

Nasi Uduk Bayam - Fragrant Coconut Rice with Spinach - Daily Cooking Quest

nasi uduk

Nasi uduk is rice cooked with coconut milk, this is how they are displayed wrapped in coconut leaves before being put in the plate with other food you choose to accompany it.