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The Minute-by-Minute Guide to Boiling Eggs. Get the yolk just how you like it.

Soft Boiled Eggs feature in Angela's Ashes by Frank McCourt

Gyeranppang – Korean Egg Bread When setting the oven, 200C is roughly 400F (OK, it's 392F). Sounds really good!

Gyeranppang - Korean egg bread cup all purpose flour 2 large eggs (for batter) cup melted salted butter cup sugar cup milk teaspoon baking powder teaspoon vanilla essence some melted butter for coating the pan For fillings: 6 eggs some ham or bacon

Gamja Jorim (Korean Potato Side Dish). They are little cubes of potatoes ("gamja") covered in a sweet and sticky soy glaze, covered with roasted sesame seeds, and they are oh so yummy!

Japanese Potato To Food with Love: Gamja Jorim (Potato Side Dish) (this was FANTASTIC. Everyone loved it. I put too much water so it wasn't as sticky as it should've been but the flavor was excellent. This is my new favorite potato side dish!