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the font and numbers are black on a light blue background
Numbers set, french didot style
Set of numbers in classical french didot style with contemporary geometric design. Beautiful elegant stencil numeral symbols. Vintage and retro typographic. Vector Illustration It's not packed into a font file such as .ttf or .otf. I use it by hand typing the words I need in Adobe Illustrator. You can't either install it into a system, or type a brief in MS Word or change the text body just within one click. These are outlines which can be edited only by hand. And I like them. :–)
India, Krishna Images, Radha Krishna Images, Radha Krishna Art
a painting of two women sitting next to each other
Rama's Feet, Sita's Shrine!
smilemakerkrishna: Rama's Feet, Sita's Shrine!
the hindu god sitting in front of his chariot
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the hindu god sitting on a throne with his hands in his pockets
Art, Lord Krishna, Lord Vishnu, Jai Hanuman
the god is sitting on a throne with an arrow in his hand
there is a god sitting on the ground
an oil painting on canvas of deities and animals
the god and goddess are depicted in this painting
the god is holding his hands up in front of him and an image of a demon above