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I have not a clue, can't find it anywhere on through Google! Here is a horse with an interesting light muzzle. [img]

Son Of a Gun -   “Sonny” is a loud splashed white overo horse with 2 blue eyes. His sire “Gunner” is a splashed white and his dam “Miss Modern Art” is an overo - Sonny carries both gene types and is throwing both colour patterns to solid mares.

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Zebra colors http://psycheskinner.hubpages.com/hub/Zebras-with-a-Difference#slide4275065

rare color


Zebra colors http://psycheskinner.hubpages.com/hub/Zebras-with-a-Difference#slide4275065


Showgirl Glitz

Becca. 22. Animal Science degree. Intern at Gumz Farms. *None of the pictures featured on this blog are mine unless stated otherwise* If you'd like me to see something, I track the "showgirlglitz"...

Frame overo- when the white is "framed" by the base color.

Is my paint mare a frame overo, or tovero/medicine hat??

My husband bought me an unregistered paint mare for valentine's day last year. Her previous owner said she was a frame overo, but i did some research and...

This is a mare whose odd white streaks are probably the result of a somatic mutation. Somatic mutations are the result of a gene that is accidentally switched "off," often resulting in odd patches of color on an otherwise ordinary coat.


I've got a cool one! This mare has a unique white line like a tear ran down her face.... Plus, she is kind of pretty too. :D [img] [img] [img]...