Hair organizer DIY- great for a salon, too!

DIY hair tool organizer

A tutorial to diy your own hair tool organizer. A great project idea to get your hair tool's organized and under's easy to do and they can be HOT and still in the organizer.

Hints on brushes- make your makeup time YOUR time to creatively express using your most beautiful canvas- YOU!  Good brushes are a must!

So, that's what half of these brushes are for! lol I had no idea two of my makeup brushes were for applying concealer! Makeup Brushes for Dummies

Rosamosario Mezza Luna Silk-Crepe and Lace Robe .//. This is what I would like for my dressing gown each evening, please. Very Blair Waldorf

Every woman needs a sexy robe. Rosamosario ‘Mezza Luna’ Silk Crepe and Lace Robe via the Lingerie Addict. It would be impossible not to feel like a screen goddess walking around the house in this sheer gown with black lace.

put 2 shirts together.  No tutorial.

Once again, a flattering cut & design for Curvy gals like me > Sash Shoulder Top - New Age & Spiritual Gifts at Pyramid Collection

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