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a hummingbird flying over purple flowers with the words plants that attract butterflies and hummingbirds
Plants that Attract Butterflies and Hummingbirds
Plants and Flowers to attract hummingbirds and butterflies to your garden this year #gardening #flowers #butterflies #hummingbirds
the monarch chrysals are being held in their hands with text overlay that reads learn when & how to carefully move or hang monarch chrysals
How to Safely Move & Hang a Monarch Butterfly Chrysalis
two green moths sitting on the palm of someone's hand
The Magical Butterfly Farm In Kentucky That Can Be Found Where You'd Least Expect It
Butterflies are one of many natural works of art that decorate Kentucky's landscape, and Idlewild Butterfly Farm celebrates and maintains their beauty in an accessible way for all to enjoy. For a unique and enchanting experience, check out this magical butterfly farm in Louisville.
a white butterfly sitting on top of a purple flower with the words flowers that attract butterflies but not bees
11 Flowers that Attract Butterflies but not Bees
If you want to attract more butterflies into your garden, you should be aware that many flowers that butterflies love, also attract bees. For example, plants like the Shasta Daisy or Black-Eyed Susan are great nectar plants for butterflies, but will also draw more bees into your garden. In this post I have listed some great flowers that attract butterflies but not bees. Honey bees, hummingbirds, garden ideas, monarch butterflies, wasps, dragonflies, yard, herb garden, polinator, host plant
the ultimate guide to all about raising monarch butterflies
All About Monarchs: How to Attract, Raise, & Release Monarch Butterflies