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an image of a cartoon character with caption in spanish
patrick stiker
a woman sitting in a chair with her hand on her face
a lego dog made out of blocks with caption that reads, keebbasan berkspresi tu keren, tapi bisa gak lu diem
a young boy is looking at the camera and has words written on his face that say,
the words are written in black and white
the words are written in black and white, with an image of a man's face
a man sitting on top of a wooden bench in front of a whiteboard with writing on it
a cat sleeping on top of a bed with the caption'aku orangya selauu ada, kalo gada berat aku ketiduran
an image of a bed in the middle of a room with text reading sedang menegas energi kerena sudah terlau
a young boy holding his head in front of him
a young boy is saying sorry ya aku maas buka whatsapp this is adulting
a woman in pink is standing with her hands on her hips and the caption reads, ribet bener hiduplu kaya panti
the spongebob is listening to music on his headphones
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a woman sitting at a table eating food
spongebob pointing at the camera in front of a tv with his arm out
a woman holding her head in front of her face with the caption that reads, i've been bit help
an image of a cartoon character hugging someone in front of a pink room with the caption saying, aku yang kuat ni sampai bersedhi
an animated cartoon character with the caption itu siapa ko jamet
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a woman sitting at a desk reading a book in front of a stack of books
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37 Memes That'll Keep You Afloat
a tweet with an image of a cat on it's left side
some type of text that is in different languages