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an anime character is reading a newspaper with flowers in the foreground and another cartoon character has his head down
Yuta's nightmare | okyaaaaaan Twitter ☆
▻ #呪術廻戦 #JujutsuKaisen
an anime comic strip with two people talking to each other
冥冥「狗巻推し達と冥冥さん 烏、過重労働必至 」米(えかき)の漫画
「狗巻君と加茂さん 」米(えかき)の漫画
the storyboard shows two different scenes in black and white
🤍훈🖤 on Twitter
two cartoon characters, one in business attire and the other in a suit with long hair
{ maki y miwa }
an image of two children playing with each other
Fate/Grand order: The second mage killer - The History of a black sheep
an anime page with two people talking to each other
🍆 on Twitter
an anime story page with two people talking to each other
しゅく🙈 on X
two people are standing next to each other
夏五「(夏五/hrhn軸) 私の好きなネタです 攻めが間違われるのが好き(夏ではいろい」Kanoの漫画
an image of some anime characters with different expressions
おまめ on X
the comic strip shows an image of a rabbit holding a skateboard in his hand
湯葉みそこ on Twitter