cotton candy matte lips, lashes and a little eyeliner [Krystal of f(x)]

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121006 f(Victoria)+f(Krystal)=Marie Clarie October Issue Scans/Official Pics

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f(x) Krystal Jung soojung so pretttyy u_u

f(x) krystal

Love the makeup of f(x)'s Krystal!

f(x) Krystal - Elle Magazine August Issue ‘14

Krystal in Elle magazine Aug.

Krystal Jung - The Heirs

Krystal Jung #soojung #fx

f(x) Krystal - Vogue Korea March Issue

f(x) Krystal

Soo pretty Krystal _ Enter your pin description here.

Gray Plain Tee in Spao Fashion of Krystal Jung

Gray Plain Tee in Spao Fashion of Krystal Jung

Krystal's airport fashion

Krystal's airport fashion

Krystal Jung f(x) Rum Pum Pum Pum

Krystal member of fx

Krystal <3

Krystal F(x) She looks like angel

[SCANS/PICS] 151104 f(x) = ‘4 Walls’ SUM Official Goods [15P] | f(♥)

f(x) Krystal ♥

Krystal Jung <3

Krystal Jung - None

Krystal Jung Endorses Keds Show Brand | Koogle TV

Krystal Jung Endorses Keds Show Brand

Dreaming in Periwinkle : Photo

Chrystal)) So I'm in Gryffindor wow I'm actually really happy all of my family was Slytherin I thought for sure I would be Slytherin but oh well