Kevin Mottus wants you to know about the dangers of cell phone use.

Kevin Mottus has followed a series of studies and reports detailing the dangers of cell phone use and how cell phones may be linked to cancer.
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"GNN Steiger-Olson": Radiation from your Little Black Box

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different types of electromagnetic radiation by their wavelengths. In order of…

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Something in the air By: Elissa Lawrence Feb 15 Courier Mail IT MAY be invisible but it’s everywhere — in our homes, parks, workplaces, shopping centres, hotels and schools. Wi-fi has become a wa.

Cancer Institute Warns of Cell Phone Risks

Illustration showing an estimate of the absorption of radio frequency radiation into the brain based on age.

Why are cell phones so dangerous for driving? – Cognitive Daily

Why are cell phones so dangerous for driving?

townipproject - Dangers of Cell Phones

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Finally Experts Admit Cellphones Are a Carcinogen

Cellphones are possible carcinogens as the World Health Organization ruled that cell phone radiation was linked to brain tumors and acoustic neuromas.