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Cutie Hyungsik

Cutie Hyungsik


Welcome to fyeahjichangwook, your source for everything (and mostly gifs) on the talented south Korean actor Ji Chang Wook! My name is Caly and I'm a cutie potato :D

Eun-bi & Han Yi-ahn

She doesn't even recognise him😐watched Who Are You - School 2015 out of boredom. And Nam Joo Hyuk is really killing me by melting my heart.

Sungjae falls for Kim So Hyun | 'Who Are You: School 2015'

Latest still cuts for the upcoming episode of 'Who Are You-School is now released featuring Tae Kwang (Sungjae) and EunBi .

Moorim School EP.1

leehyunwooday is international fansite for South Korean actor, Lee Hyun Woo. We will provide you with the latest pictures, videos, news, and everything else related to Lee Hyun Woo.

FIRST LOOK: Moorim School, starring Lee Hyun Woo, VIXX's Hongbin, and Seo Ye Ji

KBS’s youth action romance drama Moorim School is about to open its doors in January — it’s a coming-of-age story about a mysterious martial arts institution where a fallen idol star will start a new life as …