Vintage Half up Half down Hair You Must Try

half-up messy hair and natural make-up with accented lips and eyelashes. My hair could probably never get that much volume but who knows.

Formula How-To: Drizzled with Irish Cream - Hair Color

Master Colorist and Unicorn Tribe member Sadie Gray ( had a client come in with grown out level 6 roots and chunky highlights from her previous style. The client expressed an interest in trying out balayage, but rather than .

We are loving this tip for festival hair: Plait front sections of your hair to keep it from falling in your face during your favourite band's set.

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Stylish Boxer Braids Hairstyles

30 Badass Boxer Braids You Need to Try

Hair: kicking it up a notch (33 photos)

This is the only colorFul hair I've EVER liked. IDEA: Buy a Blue Wig in this color, then put it into Ponytail as shown!

How To Curl Hair Without Heat

How To: Soft Flat Iron Curls. This is my favorite hair tutorial. She explains this so easily and perfectly! How To: Soft Flat Iron Curls. This is my favorite hair…

The Top 5 Summer Hair Ideas on Pinterest

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Is this sizzling ombre color or what? Adding the loose wavy layers creates a subtle femininity that’s totally refreshing yet low maintenance – a huge benefit of ombre coloring. If you want stand out hair that’s naturally appealing