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an anime character with long black hair and blue eyes, wearing a white shirt and striped tie
a close up of a person with long hair and blue eyes looking at the camera
Make Your Day
a girl with long hair holding up a piece of paper
Casa Anime, Tumblr Art, 90s Cartoons, Anime Lindo, Anime Pfp
; susie ⸙͎۪۫ (@_susiee)
a woman sitting at a table with a jar in front of her and looking down
Make Your Day
Funny Babies, Kawaii, Umaru Chan, Himouto Umaru Chan, Illustration Art Design, When Was The Last Time, Cute Anime Wallpaper, Cute Anime Pics, The Last Time
5 Simple Reasons Why Anime Isn't Aired On National TV
a woman with long black hair and red eyes is staring at the camera while she has her hand on her shoulder
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an anime character with long hair and big eyes holding a cell phone in her hand
Konoha's Blue Flash [DISCONTINUED]