Top 6 Thermogenic Fat Burner Foods

Eating in front of the TV means you'll eat almost 300 calories more. If that's not motivation enough to bring your meal to the table (dining room, not coffee!

Stay Slim and Fit with Fat Burning Foods

Here are some things that many people have done to not only lose weight, but keep it off long term.

Masking is an important part of any skin care routine. Ran out of your favorite face mask? You can make one at home! All you will need for this easy, 2 ingredient mask is avocado and honey.

The Connection Between Kale and Thyroid Problems in Women - Shape Magazine. Have learned i am too steam the kale for the week and put it into the fridge for smoothies. cooking helps to break it down for easier digestion

Stop Snoring with these effective home remedies  #snoring #healthy #snore

Stop Snoring with these effective home remedies #snoring #healthy #snore

Chlamydia: Symptoms, causes and it’s Treatment!  #Chlamydia

The jury is still out regarding brain scans used to diagnose ADHD. Learn why some experts say neuroimaging, like a SPECT test, might offer a clearer picture, while others question the results.

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5 Effective and easy ways to a Flatter Tummy

Are you going through that traumatic period where you have to pull in your tummy and catch in a long breath while posing for a picture?