Four basic cuts of a circle skirt.

Circle Skirts Variations- this helped alot

Крой и МОДЕЛИРОВАНИЕ ВОРОТНИКОВ.. | Шьём сами | Постила

Шьём сами

collar shapes and their patterns

close attention to waist cut, because i usually cut in a quarter and getting bigger when i sew. Now i won't ge a mistake again

a93c15e82bfd27fa50d8b7a36ca56a8a.jpg 350×582 píxeles

a93c15e82bfd27fa50d8b7a36ca56a8a.jpg 350×582 píxeles

Slice and spread pattern alteration

Sewing Pattern

Use pattern for lined wool skirts

Pillow trousers...

Very wide-legged trousers might be nice for fall.

I love these palazzo pants!

Простые выкройки | простые вещи | ВКонтакте


Простые выкройки | простые вещи | ВКонтакте

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Pola kebaya kelepet / kebaya pattern with collar                                                                                                                                                                                 More

Pola kebaya kelepet / kebaya pattern with collar More