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shoes and accessories are sitting on the floor next to a magazine with an image of a woman's face
Chelsea Gee | wedding photographer USA | THE WED
Chelsea Gee | wedding photographer USA | THE WED
the contents of a purse and shoes are laid out on the floor
Modern and Elegant Wedding Day Details | Wedding Day Details | Karen Khuc Photo
a woman in a white wedding dress and veil
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a display case filled with lots of white plates
Blog | Chancey Charm Weddings
As a planner, some of the first words out of our couple’s mouths are, “We want a party, a dance party at our reception!” So, we’ve started recommending that the couple provide a mix of chic ballet flats and cute flip flops next to the dance floor, to help alleviate the high heel hindrance we see over and over again.
the table is set with black and white place settings, silverware, and flowers
Modern Wedding Table Decor Inspo
the table is set up with shoes, napkins and other things to put on it
a bride and groom kissing in the back of a car with palm trees behind them
Real Wedding | Blaire + Chris
a woman laying on top of a bed in a white dress with ruffles
a woman in a wedding dress and veil
Kayla Yestal | Fine Art Wedding Photography | Guelph, Niagara, Muskoka
a bride and groom kissing in front of a building with many people walking by them
Move It, Move It With Our Movement Photo Challenge