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Islamic Daily: Patient Allah will take care of you.

شويه باقيلي واطيح هيج حسبة جم جدم وشويه صفنه الدنيه صارت مرت ابوي.. واني مثلت اليتيم.. من كثر ماحيلي بارد اي جواب لأي سؤال كمت اكول (الله كريم ) .. هيام

Yaa allah smjhaiye àap usko kahiye me usi ka hoon.

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Quran Quotes - So remember me; I will remembe r you

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Journey starts frm Allah n the destination is back to Allah

and I fail again * . ya ALLAH save us from our darkness , we are nothing without you ya rab al alameen ( lords of the worlds of everything and everyone ) .

my prayer last night perfectly captured on this


Oh ALLAH, place light in my heart ameen.

Allah knows best ...

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