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a white bowl filled with rice and meat next to some pita bread on the side
Lamb Korma
Korma curry is a popular Indian restaurant dish, mild in heat but the flavour is not bland. A must-try delicious lamb curry the whole family can enjoy!
a pan filled with chicken curry next to rice and pita bread
Chicken Handi
This popular Indian chicken curry dish- Chicken handi is easy to make and full of flavour. Tender chicken pieces cooked in aromatic creamy curry sauce. Chicken handi goes really with naan or any of your favourite rice dishes.
a large pot filled with meat and vegetables on top of a table next to green beans
Hyderabadi Chicken
Delicious hyderabadi chicken curry is easy to make at home with this easy to follow recipe instruction. This indian chicken curry made with tender chicken and slow-cooked with yogurt, fried onions, and aromatic classic Indian spices.
two white bowls filled with shrimp and rice on top of a woven place mat next to green beans
Prawn curry with coconut milk
You can prepare this delicious Indian prawn curry with coconut milk in less than 30mins. Juicy prawn, indian spices and herbs cooked in creamy coconut based curry.
Lamb karahi
Easy Lamb Korma
30min · 2 servings Ingredients ▢300 g (10.5 oz) Ground beef ( minced beef ) Or chicken/turkey ▢1 Potato (cut in small cubes) ▢2 Shallot onion ( fine chopped ) ▢2 Vine ripen tomato ( chopped ) ▢1 tbsp Tomato puree ▢1 tsp Ginger paste ▢1 tsp Garlic paste ▢3 tbsp Oil ▢1½ cup Warm water Seasonings ▢½ tsp Turmeric powder ▢1½ tsp Garam masala powder • FULL RECIPE ▶
a white plate topped with chicken curry and rice
UK Favourite Chicken Jalfrezi
My favorite Indian chicken curry for family lunch or dinner on the weekends! Chicken is super tender and the curry is very fragrant. Follow my easy recipe to create your own delicious Indian curry at home.
30min · 3 servings 400 g Chicken breast or chicken thigh ( about 14 oz ) 1 Bell pepper 3 Shallots or onions ( fine chopped ) 1 tbsp Garlic ( fine chopped or grated ) 1 tsp Ginger paste ( or finely grated ) 3 tbsp Tomato puree ( Or concentrate ) see details in note 1½ tsp Salt ( Or salt to taste ) 4 tbsp Ghee or vegetable oil 1½ cup warm water ( about 350-400 ml ) add more water if needed • Check out full recipe ↙
Ground Beef Curry Recipe
Easy indian style ground beef curry your family will love. Juicy ground beef and potatoes cooked in aromatic curry sauce. It's easy, delicious, quick meal for you dinner.
Chicken Tikka Masala is a grilled golden chicken dish in aromatic creamy curry sauce. One of the most popular indian curry dish in United Kingdom. You can easily create this popular restaurant-style dish at home with this easy to follow recipe.
Delicious Indian-style ground beef curry for a busy weeknight dinner! Moist juicy ground beef ( minced beef ) and potatoes cooked in aromatic curry sauce. This humble curry dish is super fast, easy, and incredibly delicious.
two pictures showing different types of food in white bowls on a wooden table, one with meat and the other with red peppers
This fish in tomato curry is packed with full of flavour and very easy to cook. Burmese people loves to eat fish and cook in many different ways such as fried fish curry, steamed fish and fish broth soup. Fish curry in tomato curry is one of the most popular dish in Burma.