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Frank Sinatra - In Ol’ Blue Eyes used his sapphire irises to “carry on” with a married woman in New Jersey. And yes, in you could get arrested for that. The charge was later changed to adultery but was eventually dismissed.

William Bennett: The here than his mid-thirties in 1894 photographed William Bennett came early in conflict with the law: Even the age of seventeen, he was arrested for the first time - for night poaching. prison of Dorchester

Rogues gallery: Records of more than Victorian criminals have been published on line for the first time

On Nov. 16, 1969, Janis Joplin was playing a concert at Tampa, FL's Curtis Hixon Hall. After the show, Tampa police arrested her for 'vulgar and indecent language". She was only behind bars for about an hour when her bail of $504.00 was paid. Here's here mug shot taken early morning on Nov. 17, 1969.

was arrested in November 1969 in Florida and charged with disorderly conduct after yelling obscenities at police officers during a Tampa concert. Charges were later dropped after it was ruled that the singer's actions were an exercise of free speech.

James Cagney (1945)

Before boarding the Twentieth Century Limited for Chicago, James Cagney stops at a restaurant in Grand Central Terminal where he enjoys some coffee and a danish, February 1945