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a white towel covered in multicolored patches and leaves sitting on the ground next to green grass
wall hanging embroided on rustic sheeps wool fabric
a pair of scissors and some thread on a piece of fabric with circles in it
hannahrainfinegold | 2019-11-10
a close up of a person using needles to stitch leaves on a table cloth with buttons
lovely little lines
love this bit of detail
an assortment of multicolored threads are arranged in rows on a white surface
Framed Patterns : Collection I
Framed embroidered patterns. Each pattern is hand stitched onto untraditional mediums.
an arrangement of pink and gold paper flowers
Kazuhito Takadoi
a person holding up a embroidery project with flowers on it
four squares with different colored circles on them
a yellow object is in the middle of a gray and white photo with buildings behind it
Shaun Kardinal » Digital
an old photo with sailboats on the water and words that read wip more sashiko stitches