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Prophet Isa (as) – commonly known as Jesus – is one of the greatest Prophets and also one of most debated in the world. The Jews did not accept him, the Chri.

Dr. Yasir Qadhi on Rohingya

Published on 1 Oct we aware of what’s happening? As we speak amongst a Muslim Minority, called The Rohingya, in the land of Burma/Myanmar?

Grateful in the Middle of the Crisis | Nouman Ali Khan

Grateful in the Middle of the Crisis

The Story of Uwais Al Qarni | Omar Suleiman

Although Uwais al-Qarni never met Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him), the Prophet talked about and appreciated many of the great qualities which Uwais al-Q.

Surah Al-Inshiqaq | English-Indonesia | Understand & Memorize Quran Supp...

A Project to introduce every human being on Internet to the meanings of Quran as well as help in memorization of Quran.

In this beautiful illustrated video Understand The Cycle of Sin And Also How Can You Stop Sinning. We Must identify and understand what are the triggers lead.

The Quran mentions several special groups of people. If you’re among a special group, you’re worthy of a special award, a special mercy bestowed by Allah (s.

Quranic examples of parent-child relationships shed light on many issues that plight Muslim families all over the world today, says Nouman Ali Khan.

Never See Nouman Ali Khan Debate ? This video was taken from Quran Weekly entitled Knowledge Humility. Nouman Ali Khan explains that gaining knowledge should.

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( Rohingya) Where is Our Humanity in Helping Muslim Refugees

This video was taken from students activities at Ma`had As sunnah Lampeneurut Banda Aceh Indonesia during salah Tarawih , may Allah grant us beautiful next Q.

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The women of Jannah ᴴᴰ - beautiful reminder !