This kid is soo funny. Star in the making.

The "Apparently Kid" Is Not Easily Fooled

"Apparently Kid" Noah Ritter Is Back, and He Has a New Favorite Word

Metallic nail, anyone? ;)

we bring this collection of 25 top metallic and mirror nail designs so far.Mirror nails and very simple to make.


There are 4 tips to buy this scarf: welcome mat home accessory home decor quote on it rug doormat girly mean girls dorm room carpet.

Bites me!

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F*ck Yeah!

Ponies are for Pussies. what a badass kid. Ity" laci: d ABE TY? Pussies Ponies are for Pussies what a badass kid Ity" laci: d ABE TY?

Tent in a room ❤

Ideas for creating an indoor tent/fort/canopy reading space. Don't forget the mood lighting and pillows! fort for lounge if we have a lot of kids put tents in the arena

Tribal Nails

Cool Tribal Nail Art Ideas and Designs. Work to mark rites of passage, helped identify family members or work as a charm to ward off evil spirits. Wonderful for festive or special occasions.