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six empty glass jars in a wooden box with metal handles on a white table top
Milk Bottles & Wood Crate Petites Fleur 12", 5 Glass Bottles
Crap. NOW I find this site? Seriously? Its like Oriental Trading for adults. :) BEST WEBSITE!
several wooden knobs stacked on top of each other
Premium supplier of wooden hobby & craft parts.
Online distributor for quality wood craft parts - wood shapes, hang tags, blocks, and more (http://www.craftparts.com/index.php)
there are many stacks of plates on the shelves
Poppy Seed Projects Antiqued Valentine Plaques
Great find! Poppy Seed Projects-inexpensive source for frames
two metal tubs sitting in the grass
This website has a TON of cheap decorations, wedding stuff, crafts, etc. pinning for future reference.
a roll of brown and white ribbon sitting on top of a piece of tree trunks
Natural & Ivory Wired Fine Burlap Ribbon 3" width 10 yards $18 each / 3 for $17 each
the letters are made out of wood
Baltic Birch Wood Letters
Great site to buy wooden letters! Inexpensive, variety of fonts, thicknesses and heights!
the words 10 places to shop when decorating on a budget are in white and brown
10 Places To Shop When Decorating On A Budget! Pin now, browse later
four wine bottles with monogrammed names on them are lined up in front of a brick wall
Haymarket Designs - Personalized Koozies and Wine Totes
This website has THE best monogrammed stuff!!!!
a roll of burlock fabric on a white surface
Fabric & Ribbon
Amazing site! It's like Oriental Trading for adults!! tons of decorating supplies and more.