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POINT OF VIEW ACTIVITIES & POSTERS by Jackie Crews | TPT Do you need a resource to teach first, second, and third point of view ? If so this resource might be helpful for your fourth grade students. #iteach345 #pointofview #Jackiecrews #elementaryliteracy #ESL #Englishlearners #languagearts
Looking for an engaging picnic-themed literacy center activity to practice letter matching and identification? This alphabet find and cover game is perfect for Homeschool, Preschool, Kindergarten, or ESL students practicing letter recognition! Great for spring or summer literacy centers, morning wor...
High Interest - Low Level Reading Comprehension & Fluency Passages Spring


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For Father's Day, your young students will love writing special notes to their fathers, grandfathers, or other special caregivers on this festive printable writing paper with primary lines. 24 different designs included, 4 of them with drawing boxes. Fathers will love getting a keepsake piece of writing as a gift on Father's Day. Students can write letters to their dads on this stationery, then you can frame them in Dollar Store frames for a special and personalized gift. Easy to print. Please s
Bell Ringers Middle School ELA Writing Prompts Using Quotes by HappyEdugator


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Essential Reading- Language Skills | Teachers Pay Teachers
Reading Log for Independent Reading. Pop Into A Good Book reading recording sheet: students can keep track of their in-class reading, by recording title, author, genre, finished/abandoned, rating, and difficulty. When log is completed, they will select their favorite book. Movie and popcorn theme. I...
Drama Script Abbott and Costello Who's on First - Baseball Card Template


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Spelling Practice Test PowerPoint with an Easel Assessment. This is an interactive practice multiple choice spelling test of commonly misspelled words. There are 25 questions. Students should try to answer the questions by recognizing which is the correctly spelled word to place in the sentence, sim...
Essential Reading- Language Skills Teaching Resources | Teachers Pay Teachers


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Taxonomy Handout and Study Guide for Classification of Living Things. Explains taxonomy (classification of living things) in a simple and easy format that life science students can use as a study guide or reference sheet for their biology or life science notebook. Features a mnemonic device for remembering the order. Includes a study guide worksheet with some basic questions about the classification system, and a practice sheet with key. Great to start out the year and have this ready for back to school.
Nature Scavenger Hunt and Writing Paper by HappyEdugator | TPT
Science Fair Project Student Guide. Includes 100 science project ideas and science experiments, directions for creating a science fair project, how to graph and record data, and how to make a display board with dimensions and helpful hints for success. I have also added information on how to create a logbook with rubric, parent letter, parent tips, a list of helpful websites, and a volunteer form. Add to your project-based learning activities. 20 pages. Includes some photos of science fair proje


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All About Africa PowerPoint. An overview of the continent with animations, interesting facts, photographs from different countries and regions in Africa, and important information about climate, geography, people, social issues, and politics. This digital resource explains the climatic zones and ecosystems of each of the U.N. regions of Africa at length, including the pyramids and deserts of North Africa, the Sahel and desertification of West Africa, the savannas and mountains of East Africa, the jungles of central Africa, and the semi-arid mountains of South Africa. Also, covers social issues such as poverty, life-expectancy, kwashiorkor, and the abolishment of apartheid in South Africa. You can use this in sections as you study each region of this great continent. 102 slides.

Social Studies

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Sudoku Puzzles for Critical Thinking engages students in logical reasoning. Easel Activity included. This file includes a blank sudoku student answer sheet, 10 sudoku puzzles for printing (use in math centers or individually, or for projection on a whiteboard), and 5 sets of 4 puzzles for a group sudoku race to solve. Teacher directions include how to make reusable dry erase answer sheets so you can save ink, and suggestions for teaching Sudoku strategies. A great way to get students thinking! It’s a fun brain workout! Print and Digital Resource: Includes an Easel Activity ready for learning with digital tools.
Are you looking for a resource that will help students count by fives automatically? This skip-counting center is just right for math centers, paired work, or for fast finishers. This is great for reinforcing a skill that will help students get ready for number patterns and it helps with mental math skills as well. #Jackiecrews #elementarymath #numbers #iteach1st #kindermath #kindergarten #preschool #mathcenters #multiplicationreadiness #skipcounting


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Looking for fun end of the year activities? Try this free Memorial Day Word Scramble Puzzle. It will help students develop spelling and vocabulary skills, and they won't even realize they are learning. Related Products⭐ Juneteenth Word Search with Key Distance Learning⭐ Fourth of July Word Search Pu...

Memorial Day

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Juneteenth Word Search Puzzle. June fun word find all about the holiday in color and in black and white ink and print friendly version. A fun word search that's a great addition to summer camp activities or summer school lessons. It's a puzzle your students will love. Fifteen words hidden in this Ju...


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These sweet minibooks can be made for moms, grandmothers, nanas and aunts.
Mother's Day Poem Templates for Writing Verb Poems with Easel Activity
Mother's Day Proverbs Card Making Activity- These inspirational quotes and wise old sayings are just what your mother told you! Use this Mother's Day PowerPoint to make cards or Mother's Day books with these Mom inspired proverbs from A - Z. Advice you probably heard from your mother, your mom, or your mum!

Mother’s Day

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Father's Day Activities Crafts & Cards For Fathers, Grandpas and Special People
Father's Day Coupon Book with Poem and Writing Page with Easel Activity
Here is a quick and easy craft/gift for Father’s Day. Make them a mini book about them! Included is all different kinds of dads as well including grandpas and papas.

Father’s Day

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September 11 or Patriot Day activity for upper grades. You get a kid-friendly informational text reading passage of the events of 9-11 with comprehension questions, and a flag coloring sheet. Includes original photos of the fire department memorial at Ground Zero. Students read the nonfiction story ...

September 11th - Patriots Day

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Character Education: Leadership PowerPoint - Ten Qualities of a Good Leader Presentation. Helpful at the beginning of the year or as first week of school activity. Includes ten qualities that make a good leader, partner activity, writing assignment, and review questions. Some of the characteristics of a good leader include self-confidence, a sense of justice, and self-control. Good BTS character education activity.

Election Day

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July 4th Writing Prompts and Independence Day 4th of July Paper | TPT
Fourth of July PowerPoint | 4th of July Independence Day and Fireworks Safety

July 4th

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Thanksgiving Jumbled Words PowerPoint Game. Thanksgiving Day Fun! A Thanksgiving Interactive word scramble game. Words related to Thanksgiving Day. No prep, no print...project on your board as a fun Thanksgiving activity. Words will appear in scrambled form for students to try to puzzle out. Click f...


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This Constitution Day Menu Choice Board helps students understand the history of the United States Constitution. Students must complete three activities in a row, like tic-tac-toe. Includes rubric. Activities include researching and writing about 3 founding fathers, creating a chart of the first col...

Constitution Day

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Veterans Day

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This Christmas Word Search is a challenging puzzle with winter holiday words hidden in the letters. Nearly 100 words are disguised in this fun word find. Words can be forwards and backwards, and either horizontal, vertical, and diagonal in this fun and engaging Christmas and New Year Wordsearch puzz...


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New Year's 2024 Writing Activities with Resolutions, Goals, and Predictions
Happy New Year 2024! This is a New Year Around the World presentation is all about New Year’s traditions, which is fun to learn about after winter break. PowerPoint on traditions and customs of the New Year's holiday in 22 different countries: United States, Canada, England, Scotland, Wales, Spain, Austria, Belgium, Italy, Mexico, Argentina, Brazil, Colombia, Japan, China, Vietnam, Australia, India, Israel, Iran, Saudi Arabia, and South Africa. Good for first day back from break and will be one of your students favorite New Year's activities 2024. Great follow-up to your Christmas Around the World unit. Animation and lots of interesting fun facts!

New Year’s

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Groundhog Day

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Grammar: Antonym Center Game: Memory by Balke's Resources | TPT
100th Day of School Writing Prompts Lined Paper with Editing Checklist and Easel

100th Day

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Posters of 45 historical individuals and their accomplishments are highlighted. Place these posters throughout your classroom or the school. A scavenger hunt is included to make learning fun! Activists covered include: Georgia Douglas Johnson, The Harlem Renaissance, Martin Luther King Jr., Civil Rights Movement, Rosa Parks, Maya Angelou, Harriet Tubman, Frederick Douglass, Guion Bluford, Thurgood Marshall, Sidney Poitier, Ruby Bridges, Nelson Mandela, Barak Obama, Michelle Obama, Macon Bolling Allen, George Washington Carver, Sojourner Truth, Booker T. Washington, Benjamin O. Davis Jr., W.E.B. Du Bois, Shirley Chisholm, Kamala Harris Madam C.J. Walker, Katherine Johnson, and Dorothy Pitman Hughes.
Martin Luther King Day Writing Paper. This Lined Paper has a cute MLK theme. Ten pages, two different sizes of lines for writing at different ability levels. Students will have fun writing with cute little pictures to inspire them. A good variety of papers. Some in color and some in black and white.
A Martin Luther King Jr PowerPoint presentation and MLK Writing Assignment. An engaging overview of the life of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. from birth to his death and his legacy. There are many photographs and some audio from his "I have a dream" speech. Students will learn about the life of MLK, hi...


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Valentine's Day Idioms PowerPoint with Easel Assessment by HappyEdugator

Valentine’s Day

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KinderKuties: MARCH activities for the K-3 elementary classroom ...
St. Patrick's Day - Map of Ireland - Printable and Digital Easel Activity
Bulletin Board Letters Printable Green by HappyEdugator | TPT

St Patrick’s Day

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