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several pictures of children sitting on chairs in front of a red carpet with yellow stars
Seusstastic Classroom Inspirations
Holy end of the year ideas! You must check this blog out and give your students an end of the year celebration they will NEVER forget!
a poem written in the language of love with an image of a pig holding a star
End of Year for Students
End of Year for Letter to Students from Teacher ( freebie )
a bag of red gummy bears sitting on top of a wooden table next to a cell phone
End-of-the-Year Gifts! (For Students & Parents)
the teacher wife: End-of-the-Year Gifts! {For Students & Parents} also, could do with orange candy and say 'orange u glad its summer'
the end of year memory book with pictures of children holding paper and an orange object
End of Year Memory Book
This is an End of the Year Memory Book for students to collect some school memories and autographs from their friends. Free!
two children's book award certificates with the words,
Search | The Kindergarten Smorgasboard
FREE Autograph book! Pages for Prek-2nd grade! Great for end of the year celebrations!
these sunglasses are for children to learn how to read the book my future is bright and have to wear shades
End of the Year Student Gifts! - Molly Maloy
Lessons with Laughter: End of the Year Gifts!
several different kinds of cards with pictures on them
Another Year Done... and Student Gifts!
Such a cute student gift idea and EASY to do. Snap a picture, add text, and print out with "End of the Year" Letter fro each student. FREEBIE letter included!
rainbows and clouds are on top of some candy in a bag with the words happy you're summer is chalk all of them
Account Temporary On Hold
Sidewalk Chalk End of School Year Student Gift Idea & Free Printable - My Sweet Sanity
an activity sheet to teach children how to use the balloon pop song and other activities
Countdown Finale and a freebie!
Lots of fun end of year activities to keep the kiddos busy! Last week of school...
there are balloons and streamers hanging from the wall with numbers on them in front of a sign that says, we're heading to
Getting Ready for the Last 10 Days of Kindergarten!
Getting Ready for the Last 10 Days of Kindergarten!
an empty classroom with chairs and tables
My Lesson Plan Format and Last Week of School!
Love this idea for the last day or so of school- make stations for the kids to make things to take home over the summer. She has a station to make math flash cards, pick up a writing journal, make a book out of copied anchor charts, etc.