Leaf patchwork. Looks like photo sensitive paints were used with real leaves.

Could make this with photo-sensitive paper or fabric, or cyanotype inks. Possibly even make into a quilt.

Bon motif/texture, couleurs multiples mais qui créent une belle harmonie. intéressant à regarder.

"I love everything about this pattern! The colors are great, the pattern is intricate and lovely. I like the way the colors are distributed in such a way that it makes a graphic pattern look more organic.

Newspaper and what appears to be straws woven together into cute "wicker" bowls

basket weaving with newspaper.looks like fun, except I have more boxes of basket weaving supplies than old newspapers! Wouldn't make sense to buy the Sunday NY Times just to make a basket,,,or would it?

DIY Drawers out of newpapers or magazines...I could only find the picture..I hope one day I can find the step by step..great idea though

Móveis feitos de jornal passo a passo

Newspaper rolled newspaper drawers - Could turn into a cute doll house/log cabin for Barbie. Just paint brown.

Gradient triangles, would be cool as a quilt!

The gradient triangles look modern and clever, especially if it is placed as a background. The colour green also symbolises who I am. The colour green is my favourite colour.

Amazing geometric patterns by Andy Gilmore . Every single one of his patterns are so intricate and detailed, and just visually mesmerizing.