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The Child Whisperer - How To Raise A Child

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Raise happy, successful, cooperative kids who know who they are. The Child Whisperer book and podcast help you understand your child on a deep level and be the amazing parent your child needs.

Anchor Chart for Calming

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“Chart-a-day social skills practice the process then make the chart”

Create an Anti-Anxiety Kit for Your Child - includes free printable relaxation prompt cards from The Chaos and the Clutter

Create Your Own Anti-Anxiety Kit for Children

Create a Calm Down Kit for Your Child to help combat anxiety - includes free printable relaxation prompt cards

Seven ADHD behavior therapy strategies guaranteed to improve the attitude and self-control of your child with attention deficit.

"None of Us Were Trained How to Be Good Parents:" An ADHD Guide to Behavior Therapy

Behavior therapy works for children with ADHD if parents set specific rules for behavior, and enforce them consistently with both positive and negative consequences. Use these seven strategies to get started on the road to stronger self control — today!

50 Activities and Games Dealing With Anger - Great resources for kids and teens struggling anger management.


Over time, I have come across many anger-related activities from websites, blogs, and more. I decided to gather them all in one place and came up with a list of 50. If you have any other tools targ…

12 thoughts that hold us back. Yay, another negative thoughts sheet! :) These are so helpful!

Introspective Wallpaper on Negativity : 12 Negative Thoughts holding you back

Introspective Wallpaper on Negativity : Quote on Negativity Your thoughts today create your life tomorrow. Here are twelve destructive thoughts to flush out of your mind. 1.“My past is indicative of my future.” – Do not judge failed attempts and mistakes as an indication of your future potential, but as part of the growth

Mindfulness, affirmations and calming tips

Mindful Mantras for Kids - Left Brain Buddha

Mantras help us find the space to respond skillfully instead of reacting unthinkingly. They can help our children, too. Try these mindful mantras for kids!

Worksheets: Test Anxiety Tips

Test Anxiety Tips | Worksheet | Education.com

Test anxiety can be a huge blockade for many kids during their education. Help your child relax for his next test with these helpful strategies.

Conflict resolution

Conflict Resolution Poster PDF File- Conflict Starters & Conflict Stoppers

Two 8 1/2 by 11 inch Posters to post in your class to remind students of what they can do to deal with conflict by reading the conflict starters and conflict stoppers. Excellent to have up in your classroom at the beginning of the school year to reinforce appropriate and inappropriate behaviours. ...