Lightsaber Design

Collection by Zach Kozak

Side by Side Lightsabers by MagyarEagle on deviantART. The one on the left has a very Elven feel to it imo.

Side by Side Lightsabers by MagyarEagle on DeviantArt

A side by side look at the lightsabers of Darth Drakhen and Darth Lau'Ren from the Great Sith Empire. Side by side in life and in death, Lady Lau'Ren wa... Side by Side Lightsabers

Keirdagh's lightsaber by on DeviantArt

sketch1108 User Profile | DeviantArt

Keirdagh's lightsaber by on DeviantArt

Keirdagh's lightsaber by sketch1108 on DeviantArt

Made for Keirdagh, member of Keirdagh's lightsaber

Lightsaber by Studio-Onyx

Lightsaber by Pallacium on DeviantArt

Lightsaber made during a micro conference I gave online to show new feautures from Cinema 4D R16 and explain how to use new reflection material chanel. ... Lightsaber

Beowulf MkII by AnimalaminA on DeviantArt

A redesign of my custom saber rendered in smartphone size, illuminated by a Coruscant sunset. 3ds Max and Photoshop. Beowulf MkII

Whew, it's finally finished. In the pic, you can see the initial design rendering, and the saber itself once I built it. My wife actually helped design . New LED Lightsaber

New LED Lightsaber by AnimeFlux on DeviantArt

New LED Lightsaber by on @deviantART - very sweet design, love the color choice

Man of Steel Saber

Torrent Smart Saber®

The Torrent is a fully duel capable saber, featuring a tapered brushed grip that narrows to an astoundingly small 1.1" diameter, and features multiple subtle curves and choke points. Evoking the power and beauty of the waves, the Torrent is a ferocious and swift blade that is suited to one or two…

Which is your favorite lightsaber ? The hilts do not include a blade or a led.

Geek Discover The Visual Guide to the Lightsabers of Star Wars. (Sorry for the long post) The Visual Guide to the Lightsabers of Star Wars. (Sorry for the long post) Star Wars Trivia, Star Wars Film, Star Wars Facts, Star Trek, Cultura Pop, Stormtrooper, Darth Vader, Kit Fisto, Jar Jar Binks

An Elegant Weapon for a More Civilized Age.

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Custom Lightsaber Collection by on DeviantArt

Custom Lightsaber Collection by id10tech on DeviantArt

I'm sure this collection will grow as time goes on, but as of tonight, I've got 3 custom lightsabers to show off. -Happy dance.- Oh and a side note: The... Custom Lightsaber Collection

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Darksaber 02 by Ravendeviant on DeviantArt

This angle gives you a nice view of the crystals, visible through the window in the side of my lightsaber. Since I’m playing a character in ... Darksaber 02

Mon Calamari Legacy Lightsaber Hilt by grimdrifter on DeviantArt

Custom Beautifully Etched Saber #saberlife #lightsaber - Modern

Lightsaber Architect on Instagram: “Working through commissions! . . . #starwars #lightsaber #lightsabers #customsaber #starwarsart #lucasfilm #disney #starwarsland…”

1,510 Likes, 14 Comments - Lightsaber Architect (@starfall_sabers) on Instagram: “Working through commissions! . . . #starwars #lightsaber #lightsabers #customsaber #starwarsart…”